Extreme Hybrid Repair Kits out Now!

posted on October 27, 2010, 12:18 AM by Wilhelm

a pic

The Extreme Hybrid Kits are out now and can be bought from the Official store as well as third party resellers, like VGCRepairs

It is available as a kit from 16.99 $US and the uniclamp extreme for 10.90 $US.
Stock is limited for now because we are also still waiting for more shims.

The price of the ADVANCED Kit was therefore dropped to 13.90 $US.

Some of the upgrades and improvements as well as the highlights of the new kit you can read about in our earlier press release, there is also more pictures:


We hope you like it, it is finally there after 2 years development :)

Feedback welcome on the forums

Wilhelm and Humboldt



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