Xbox 360 Reset Glitch Hack for Slim Corona Mainboards

posted on January 18, 2012, 11:42 AM by Wilhelm

When other teams just copy others and/or make only business with their chip without bringing something new and/or make news with nothing new... x360Glitchip brings you the FIRST WORLD Corona Ready chip.
As you know Corona (New motherboard revision after Trinity) were not Glitch compatible because the HANA chip had been removed which were needed for Timing through the CLK_STBY Wire.
The x360Glitchip v2 is the first world chip which doesn't need this point, and so become Corona Ready.
Of course, the of the Glitch Hack has to be updated to handle the new CB 13121.
Others functionnalities will be announced soon, cause the x360Glitchip Team doesn't stop here. :-)

Here a video showing a Trinity Motherboard booting without the CLK_STBY Wire on a modified x360Glitchip v1.4 in order to be Corona Ready.
You will note :
- The missing B point (Not needed now)
- The great booting time : (10s, 16s, 7s, 12s)





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