Matrix Glitcher 360 V2

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A complete redesign of the best selling Matrix Glitcher, The Glitcher II was developed on the ground of the countless feedbacks received from our customers and official resellers during the previous months.

The Matrix Glitcher II does not need anymore to be programmed before it can be used. It already contains all the software code necessary to work with all the Glitchable models of FAT and SLIM Xbox360 at the date of the release of the product.

The selection of the console type and model is done simply by positioning the Switches present on the Glticher II in the position indicated by the installation manual.

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One of the biggest issue faced by installers was the different behavior of the same models of Xbox360. To help them overpass this we added the the possibility to be connect the Glitcher II to a PC using the same Matrix External programmer already available with our Matrix Freedom PCB. Once connected to the PC it is possible to use the fine tuning software to try and identify the best timings for his own console.

Installation diagrams and tutorials are available in the Download section on infinitymod.

• Booting of unsigned code on Xbox 360 and XBOX360 slim
• Preprogrammed with a brand new and advanced Matrix Glitching code.
• Compatible with all Xbox360 SLIM and FAT models (except Corona and Xenon motherboard)
• On board switch to quickly select console type and model.
• Future-proof updateable with external USB programmer (not included).
• After-installation fine tuning of glitch timings to better fit each different console (external USB programmer needed)
• Quick installation (7 Wires on Slim or 6 Wires on Phat)
• Compact PCB size with easy to solder pads.
• Unique Serial code identification for each Glitcher II verifiable online.



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